With a format Artistic Director Jessica Lang devised and developed more than twelve years ago, Jessica Lang Dance offers a unique educational program that intrigues and inspires the imaginations of all ages and populations - dancers and non-dancers alike - cultivating creative thinking and enriching each community it visits.

This creative curriculum is called LANGuage.

LANGuage is firmly rooted in the belief that when practiced daily, creativity can lead to a more rewarding life. This unique approach teaches individuals from all populations to cultivate the habit of creative thinking through exercise, just as one would condition themselves physically. LANGuage opens minds and fosters resourceful problem solving and inventive reactions to challenging everyday situations.

LANGuage, with a vocabulary rooted in movement, was originally created for dancers. However, it has been proven that its benefits are not exclusive to those with a dance or performance background. All populations can benefit from its offerings, which include but are not limited to exercises in the following areas:

  • Exploration and Improvisation
  • Creative Writing, Music and Drawing
  • Observation and Communication
  • Space and Memory
  • Movement Manipulation
  • Time Management

Jessica Lang has vast experience guiding students through the LANGuage curriculum at countless universities, performing arts organizations and schools including American Ballet Theatre for its Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, Summer Intensive Programs and its New York University Steinhardt Masters Program, Kaatsbaan Extreme Ballet Program, Texas Christian University and Bucknell University. Lang is skilled at teaching all levels of students and professionals including arts educators, sending them back to their students refreshed and reenergized in their creative theories and tools.

LANGuage classes are flexible and can range from a basic 3-hour session to the advanced two-week program of daily classes. All programs incorporate the exercises listed above. In the advanced program, Lang teaches the process of making a dance, culminating in a work that can be performed on your program. This process takes the students on a choreographic journey where, collectively, they choose the idea for a dance, create the movement, select the music, decide the costumes and finally give the work its title. The end result is a dance made by empowered students who have taken total ownership of the creation, planting the seeds for future generations of choreographers and creative thinkers.


Lang has seen firsthand that dancers are not the only individuals who can participate in and benefit from LANGuage. The awareness and creativity that the curriculum seeks to access in each of its participants is translatable to any field of work or study.

LANGuage workshops for community leaders and business professionals can be conducted in three formats: a brief two-hour session, a longer four-hour session with a 30 minute break, or a full day consisting of six hours and a one-hour lunch break. All formats incorporate: interaction with and observation of JLD dancers as participants are guided through many of the exercises listed above, open dialogue following each exercise, and a Question and Answer session. For many business professionals, developing one's creative mind through movement is not encouraged as a part of their daily routine. LANGuage invigorates and empowers these individuals by tapping into this underused "muscle" in a nurturing, relaxed and judgment-free environment.

All classes and workshops can be structured to the needs and desires of any organization. LANGuage classes can be taught using recorded music or a live accompanist.

Take advantage of LANGuage and become fluent in creativity!

Master Class at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. Photo: Kazu
Additional Educational Offerings from Jessica Lang Dance:
  • Technique and repertory master classes for students or professionals
  • Repertory restaging opportunities
  • Lecture demonstrations for participants of all ages
  • Open rehearsals
  • Pre- and Post-performance Q&A sessions
  • Professional development and freelance management workshops

Any combination of these activities can be customized to create short- and long-term residencies. JLD is a versatile company that can tailor programming to suit the needs of any school, organization or community. Education is one of the many ways in which JLD continues to fulfill its mission to enrich and inspire global audiences by immersing them in the beauty of movement and music.

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Master Class presented by New Orleans Ballet Association.
Photo: Kazu

Repertory restaging on Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts, Dallas, TX. Photo: T. Burnsed

Post-performance Q & A. Photo: T. Burnsed