Summer Romances
ARTICLE by Jay Rogoff, The Hopkins Review, February 1, 2016
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“The piece, a constant pleasure to look at, exemplifies many of Lang's virtues, qualities increasingly rare in modern dance: love of music, clarity of narrative action, and a trust in the audience's attention span that encourages her to develop dance sections into truly expressive emblems of feeling, character, or the mysteries of human life, in this case the twists
and turns of romantic love. From trees of string do wonderful dances grow. With its expressive, coherent movement vocabulary and its clear, intelligent staging, The Wanderer is a major work from a thoughtful, exciting choreographer, a fine addition to the balletic canon of romantic mystery.”

The Wanderer
Created for Jessica Lang Dance
Premiered in 2014
Music: Franz Schubert
Set Design: Mimi Lien
Costume Design: Bradon McDonald
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
Visual Concept: Jessica Lang
8 dancers, 65 minutes
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