Dance as fine dining
REVIEW by Camille Bacon-Smith, Broad Street Review, December 2, 2018
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“During the artists' conversation after the November 30 performance, Lang compared a dance program to a meal and said she tries to offer a variety of styles - the audience doesn't want a whole evening of dessert. These five dances lived up to her mission.”

Solo Bach
Commissioned by Global Dance Theater - Japan
Premiered in 2008
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
1 dancer, 3 minutes
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Aria I
Created for Jessica Lang Dance
Premiered in 2013
Music: George Frideric Handel
Costume Design: Fritz Masten
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
3 dancers, 6 minutes
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Commissioned by Jacob's Pillow
Created for Jessica Lang Dance
Premiered in 2017
Music: Owen Clayton Condon and Ivan Trevino
Set Design: Jessica Lang and Nicole Pearce
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
Technical Director: Greg Rowland
5 dancers, 10 minutes
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Commissioned by Co-commissioned by Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
Created for Jessica Lang Dance
Premiered in 2018
Music: David Lang, RAM JAM, El Michels Affair
Costume Design: Moriah Black
Lighting Design: Stuart Wilson
Visual Artist and Scenic Designer: José Parlá
Video Creations: José Parlá, Moriah Black and Jessica Lang
Projections Designer and Engineer: Anja Hose
Video Coordinator: Milan Misko
Sound Designer and Audio Engineer: Hayat Dominguez
Technical Director: Gregory Rowland
9 dancers, 27 minutes
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This Thing Called Love
Commissioned by The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College, Director Seth Soloway.
Created for Jessica Lang Dance
Premiered in 2018
Music: Tony Bennett
Set Design: Jessica Lang
Set Concept: Jessica Lang
Costume Design: Bradon McDonald
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
9 dancers, 22 minutes
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