Jessica Lang Dance on tour
May 28, 2016
Tivoli, NY

Works performed:

May 28 at 7:30 PM

Venue Information:
Kaatsbaan International Dance Center
120 Broadway, Tivoli, NY

For Tickets:
845-757-5106 ext. 10 or 2

Solo Bach
Commissioned by Global Dance Theater - Japan
Premiered in 2008
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
1 dancer, 3 minutes
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Mendelssohn / Incomplete
Premiered in 2011
Music: Felix Mendelssohn
Costume Design: Elena Comendador
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
6 dancers, 8 minutes
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Among the Stars
Commissioned by TITAS Command Performance Gala
Created for Yuan Yuan Tan and Clifton Brown
Premiered in 2010
Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Costume Design: Elena Comendador
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
2 dancers, 7 minutes
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The Calling (excerpt from Splendid Isolation II)
Commissioned by Ailey II
Premiered in 2006
Music: Trio Mediaeval
Costume Design: Elena Comendador
Costume Concept: Jessica Lang
Lighting Design: Al Crawford
1 dancer, 4 minutes
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Thousand Yard Stare
Commissioned by Co-commissioned by Des Moines Performing Arts
Created for Jessica Lang Dance
Premiered in 2016
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
Costume Design: Bradon McDonald
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
9 dancers, 20 minutes
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