Mendelssohn / Incomplete
Jessica Lang Dance performing Mendelssohn / Incomplete
Photo by Sharen Bradford

Premiered in

6 (3 men, 3 women)

8 minutes

Foundation Support
Created during Lang's Joyce Theater Residency supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

“"Mendelssohn/Incomplete" was completed by the dance itself. That is, the six flowing dancers, in waves of muted plum and slate gray, actually became a representation of the music.”
“"Mendelssohn/Incomplete" has a natural, unforced symmetry that is unafraid to acknowledge the weightiness of the human body”
“The partnering work is genteel, but with spirit, and present throughout her work is a mesmerizing use of dynamics- simple kneeling or lunging becomes so much more when rendered by her dancers in varying, unearthly qualities.”
“These dancers moved seamlessly thru Jessica's choreographic passages all of which stemmed naturally and gracefully from the flow of this poignantly expressive music.”

Felix Mendelssohn

Costume Design
Elena Comendador

Lighting Design
Nicole Pearce

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