Lines Cubed
Jessica Lang Dance performing Lines Cubed
Photo by Takao Komaru

Premiered in

9 (4 men, 5 women)

20 minutes

Foundation Support
Made with support from molo design.

This piece premiered at the 80th Anniversary season of Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival during JLD's full company debut at the Duke Theatre.

“the effect was fascinating”
“The use of symmetry, clean lines, and primary colors set against a white stage offered the perfect dichotomy to a work that evoked a contemporary, dangerous feel. Lines Cubed had an artistic texture that made the audience feel as if we were watching a moving painting.”
“geometry in motion”
“Lang, whose New York City-based troupe made its full-company debut at Jacob's Pillow on July 25, is a master of visual composition. It's easy to imagine her sketching as she choreographs, or carefully arranging her dancers one by one, like a photographer or a still-life painter. In Lang's case, of course, it's moving life. Lines Cubed, one of two ensemble works the company performed at the Pillow, looks like the physical embodiment of a Mondrian color-block painting. The clever set design (on which Lang collaborated with Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen) divides the stage and backdrop into panels of white and primary color. Lang organizes the dance in a similarly crisp fashion, with each section marked by the hue of the lighting and costumes....As she tends to do, Lang draws the piece to a close with a picture-perfect tableau: a symmetrical arrangement of the full ensemble, each color represented.”
- Tresca Weinstein, Dance Magazine, August 1, 2012
“there were arresting tableaux, especially at the end, when all the dancers froze, forming a three-dimensional Mondrian.”

John Metcalfe, Thomas Metcalf

Set Design
Molo Designers, Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen in collaboration with Jessica Lang

Costume Design
Lisa Choules

Lighting Design
Nicole Pearce

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